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SleekSmart Live Business/Monitoring Portal

SleekSmart LBMP - SleekSmart Live Business Monitoring Portal is a portal that helps you monitor your business from anywhere you are by means of the internet. By so doing, records of your daily businesses activities are automatically created online which can be downloaded and saved. This serves as a back up of all your activities and transactions. It helps increase accountability and efficiency as you can query actions as they happen whenever you deem fit.

Mode of Operation

SleekSmart LBMP is a portal that must be customised to fit your type of business and mode of operation. This is because no two businesses are exactly the same. Hence, there is no specific format or mode of operation for the portal as how it operates depends on the needs of the client.

SleekSmart LBMP is built using online programming languages and databases. The client's chosen staff are required to key in details of their activities/transactions as they happen or shortly after into the platform. Once this is done, the information keyed in goes live on the internet and can be accessed by permitted users.

Usernames and passwords will be created for all users of the platform. The username cannot be changed by the users while the password can be changed. The level of rights and privileges of each user (what each user can do and cannot do) on the platform will be created by us the Administrators as directed by you the Client. This is to further enhance the accountability of the platform.

The platform works in such a way that the username of every user which is usually the firstname and surname joined together is recorded as every record is made and displayed when the records are viewed. Also, the date of entry of the record is automatically created and saved with the record. Similarly, whenever any record is edited/updated, the username of the user who did the update will be recorded along with the time of the update automatically. The records can be queried to give certain information from time to time or serve as an archive for references.

The following are a sample of activities that can be monitored daily using SleekSmart LBMP
1. Daily Sales Report
This gives a record of all the business' sales for the day. Records include but are not limited to the good/item/service sold, the quantity sold, the price of each good/item/service sold, the amount of the gotten from the transaction and the means of payment. Other records like date of transaction/entry and date of update and the username of the user are automatically created and attached to the record by the platform.
2. Daily Expenses/Petty Report
This gives a record of all the expenses incurred by the company for the day. Records include expense incurred in detail, the amount it cost, means of payment, reimbursement received and the username of the person who created the record and the date of entry/update which is also automatically created by the platform.
3. Daily Stock Report
The business' stock inventory can be recorded daily to reflect what was on ground at the start of business, what was added to it, what was taken out and the balance. As usual, the username of the person who posted the record and the date of entry/update are automatically created by the platform.
4. Daily Debt Report
The company's daily debt profile can be monitored when records are created for each transaction that the company carries out on credit. The gives the company details of its financial commitments after every business day.
5. Daily Credit Report
Conversely, the company's credit profile can be created to monitor all its customers that are owing it from time to time.
6. Daily Bank Transactions Report
All daily bank transactions - payments and receipts - can be recorded for easy monitoring and reconciliation with the bank's own record or statement of account for the business. And so on and so forth.

Mode of Deployment

SleekSmart LBMP can be deployed and hosted on a special domain name apart from the one business may have already had if it had. Among other reasons, this is to ensure that records are kept safe from hackers and manipulators. SleekSmart LBMP administrators will be responsible for setting up the new domain and hosting account and running it while the contract lasts. At the expiry of the contract, the domain name as well as all the records contained therein will be released to company but the back-end scripts/codes will not be released as they remain the exclusive property of SleekSmart LBMP. SleekSmart LBMP can also be hosted on our domain name. To have SleekSmart LBMP set up for your business and keep it running, we charge 2 categories of fees:
1. The Set Up Fee
This is the cost of setting up SleekSmart LBMP to conform to your business. This fee varies as it depends on the number of operations you want to be able to monitor at a point in time. The more the number of operations you want to monitor the more you will have to pay. Also, at any time you desire to have a new operation added, you will have to pay for its set up. The set up fee also includes the cost of initial domain registration and hosting and training.
2. The General Maintenance Fee
This is the cost of running SleekSmart LBMP from time to time after it has been set up. It includes such fees as the domain name fee, hosting fee, and maintenance fee. This fee can be paid monthly or yearly and can be reviewed from time to time depending on the level of activity being undertaken on the platform.

Mode of Payment

Payments can be made by cash or cheque to the administrator.

Resolution of Issues

Whenever issues arise during the use of SleekSmart LBMP, calls should be made to the administrator which should be immediately followed up by a mail to our email address. There, details of the issue should be stated for prompt resolution.

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